Maurice Jordan Builders Team

Our Approach

Family Owned and Operated

Maurice and Debbie Jordan have been running Maurice Jordan Builders since 1993.  They are assisted by their two sons who also work in the construction and trucking industry.  Their shared love for each other and craftsmanship brings them all together to create beautiful rustic furnishings and supply the surroundings areas with reclaimed lumber.

Our Story

Our Story

Maurice and Debbie Jordan got their start in the reclaimed lumber and industrial furniture business through their building company West Jefferson, North Carolina.  Maurice and Debbie had an eye for value and chose not to let good lumber go to waste.  As they were contracted to tear down structures in the North Carolina area they decided to start salvaging the lumber and bringing it back to their shop where Master Craftsman Maurice Jordan transforms it into beautiful industrial furniture.  Maurice and Debbie take their creations on the road to craft shows on the weekends, selling in their retail pop up shops.  They also use their steady supply of reclaimed lumber and trucking assets to supply surrounding areas with their wholesale distressed lumber and industrial carts.

North Carolina Sourced Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed Lumber In North Carolina

Our reclaimed lumber is proudly sourced in North Carolina near the Blue Ridge Parkway and brought back to shop for transformation into our vintage furnishings and supplied to other craftsman on a wholesale basis.

All of our barn wood is reclaimed from the beautiful mountains of Ashe County and repurposed at our shop in West Jefferson to add an old time rustic touch to your home.

Our metal is also hand forged at our shop by Maurice, himself.

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